Conferences of the Fish Remains Working Group

The Group has held 10 conferences since it was first formed. The next conference will be in September/October year 2001. These are:

11. Paihia, New Zealand, 2001
10. New York, USA, 1999.
9. Panama City, Panama. March 1997
8. Cantoblanco, Spain 1995
7. Leuven, Belgium 1993
6. Schleswig, Germany 1991
5. Stora Korno, Sweden 1989
4. York, United Kingdom 1987
3. Groningen, Netherlands
2. France
1. Copenhagen, Denmark

Some further details of these Conferences follow

Conference in Paihia, New Zealand October 2001

Please Click Here for details about the conference to be held in New Zealand.

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Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark

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Conference in France

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Conference in Groningen, Netherlands

Published in BAR (Anneke Clason and Dick Brinkhuizen eds)

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Conference in York, United Kingdom 1987

A volume of papers Fish Remains and Archaeology has been edited by Andrew Jones and Rebecca Nicholson, and is available from Internet Archaeology

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Conference in Stora Korno, Sweden 1989

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Conference in Schlesweg, Germany 1991

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Conference in Leuven, Belgium 1993

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Conference in Cantoblanco, Spain 1995

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Conference in Panama, USA March 1997




ACERO, Arturo (University of Arizona, Tucson and Caracas, Venezuela) "Importance of Osteological Studies for Systematics and Biogeography" (Importancia de los Estudios Osteologicos para la Sistematica y Biogeografia)

BARRETT, James (Department of Anthropology, Toronto), Ruby CERON-CARRASCO (Edinburgh, Scotland), and Rebecca NICHOLSON (University of York) "The Prehistory of Marine Resource Use in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland" (Utilizacion Prehistorica de Recursos Marinos en las Tierras Altas e Islas de Escocia)

BARTOSIEWICZ, Laszlo (Institute of Archaeological Sciences, Eotvos Lorand University, Budapest, Hungary) "Early History of Fish Exploitation in Hungary and the Lower Danube Region" (Historia Temprana de la Utilizacion del Pescado en Hungria y en la Region Danubiana)

"Relative Size Estimation of Archaeological Fish Using Computerized Mass Measurement of Vertebrae" (Estimacion del Tamano Relativo de Peces Arqueologicos Utilizando Medidas Computarizadas de Grupos de Vertebras)

BEECH, M.J. (University of York, UK) "History of Fishing in the United Arab Emirates" (Historia de la Pesca en los Emiratos Arabes Unidos)

BODKER ENGHOFF, Inge (Copenhagen, Denmark) "Prehistoric Fishing in the Baltic" (La Pesca Prehistorica en el Mar Baltico)

CLASON, A.T. (University of Groningen, Holland) "Traditional Fishing on the South Coast of West Java, Indonesia" (La Pesca Tradicional en la Costa Sur de Java Occidental, Indonesia)

COOKE, Richard (STRI, Panama) "Fishing in Lower Central America from 7,000 BP to the SpanishConquest" (La Pesca en la Baja Centroamerica desde 7,000 aP hasta la Conquista Espanola)

COOKE, Richard and Conrado TAPIA "Hyperosteosis: a Preliminary Guide for Archeologists in the Eastern Tropical Pacific" (POSTER) (La Hiperosteosis: Guia Preliminar para los Arqueologos del Pacifico Oriental Tropical)

ERVYNCK, Anton (Instituut voor Het Archaeologisch Patrimonium, Asse, Flanders), Wim VAN NEER, and Dick BRINKHUIZEN "Evolution of Fisheries and the Fish Trade in the Low Countries" (Evolucion de las Pesquerias y del Comercio del Pescado en los Paises Bajos)

FABIOLA GUZMAN, Ana (Instituto Nacional de Antropologia, Mexico) "Archaeoichthyological Analysis of Offering 23 from the Templo Mayor of Tenochtitlan" (Analisis Arqueoictiologico de la Ofrenda 23 del Templo Mayor de Tenochtitlan)

GREENSPAN, Ruth "The Use of Gear Selectivity Models in the Interpretation of Archaeological Fish Remains: a Case Study from the Harney Basin, Oregon, USA" (Utilizacion de Modelos Basados en la Selectividad de las Artes de Pesca: el Caso de la Cuenca Harney, Oregon, EE.UU.)

HAMILTON-DYER, Sheila (Bournemouth, England) "Fishing in Mediaeval Novgorod, Russia" (La Pesca en Novgorod, Rusia, durante la Edad Media)

JIMENEZ, Maximo (Universidad de Panama) "Fishing at Cerro Juan Diaz, a Precolumbian Village on the Central Pacific Coast of Panama" (La Pesca en Cerro Juan Diaz, una Aldea Precolombina en la Costa del Pacifico Central de Panama)

LEACH, Foss (Museum of New Zealand) "A Review of 35,000 Years of Fishing in the Pacific" (Una Resena de 35,000 Anos de ls Pesca en el Pacifico)

LOCKER, Alison (University of Southampton, England) (POSTER) (with Dale Serjeantson) "The Demise of Stockfish and Herring in British Armed Forces Rations in the Late 17th. and Early 18th. Centuries" (El Decaimiento del Bacalao y Arenque en las Raciones de las Fuerzas Armadas Britanicas a Finales del S. XVII y a Comienzos del S. XVIII)

LOUGAS, Lembi (Institute of History, Tallinn, Estonia) "Growth Ring Studies of Fish Remains from Archaeological Sites: a Methodological Approach" (Poster [with W. van Neer]) (Analisis de los Anillos de Crecimiento en Restos de Peces de Sitios Arqueologicos: un Ensayo Metodologico)

"A Regional Study of Stone Age Fish Remains in the Eastern Baltic" (Estudio Regional de los Restos de Peces en el Baltico Oriental)

MAKOWIECKI, Daniel (Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology, Polish Academy of Sciences, Poznan, Poland) "Fishing in Poland during the Prehistoric and Historic Periods" (La Pesca en Polonia durante los Periodos Prehistorico e Historico)

MATHIEU, Laetitita (Ecole Polytechinque Federale de Lausanne, Switzerland) "An Assessment of the Diet of the Great Cormorant [Phalacrocorax carbo sinensis] Based on the Osteological Analysis of Regurgitated Pellets" (Evaluacion de la Dieta del Cormoran [Phalacrocorax carbo sinensis] con Base en Analisis Osteologicos de Pelotillas Regurgitadas)

MILLER, Peter (Bristol University, UK) "Identification of gobiid fish remains" (Identificacion de Restos Oseos de Peces de la Familia Gobiidae)

MORALES, Arturo (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Spain) "Bone Fracture Patterns of Sea Breams (Sparidae) from Spanish Archaeological Sites" (Patrones de Fractura de Huesos de Besugos (Sparidae) de Sitios Arqueologicos Espanoles)

NEEDS-HOWARTH, S. (University of Groningen, Holland) "Iroquoian Fishing around Lake Simcoe, Ontario, Canada" (La Pesca Iroquesa cerca del Lago Simcoe, Ontario, Canada)

"Seasonality from Scales and other Structures: an Application of Fisheries Methods" (La Utilizacion de las Escamas y otras Estructuras para Determinar la Estacionalidad: una Aplicacion de Metodos Pesqueros)

PEDAKARIS, S. (North Atlantic Biology Organization) "The Commercial Fisheries of Mediaeval Arctic Norway" (Las Pesquerias Comerciales del Artico Noruego durante la Edad Media)

PENA, German (Instituto Colombiano de Ciencias) "Precolumbian Fishing in Colombian Rivers and Freshwater Lakes" (La Pesca Precolombina en los Rios y Lagos de Colombia)

POLACO, Oscar "A Fish Offering of the Tarascan Culture, Mexico" (Una Ofrenda de Pescado de la Cultura Tarasca de Mexico)

RAMOS ROCA, Elizabeth (Universidad de los Andes, Colombia) "Precolumbian Fishing along the Atlantic Coast of Colombia" (La Pesca Precolombina en la Costa Atlantica de Colombia)

ROSALES THAN, Teresa and Victor VASQUEZ SANCHEZ (Arqueobios, Peru) "The Sciaenidae in the Prehistory of the North Coast of Peru" (Los Sciaenidae en la Prehistoria de la Costa Norte del Peru)

ROSELLO, EUFRASIA (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Spain) "Comparative Osteology of Spanish Sea Breams (Sparidae): a Reference for Ichthyoarchaeologists" (Osteologia Comparada de los Besugos Espanoles: una Referencia para Ictioarqueologos)

SANCHEZ, Amelia (Guayaquil, Ecuador) "Fishing during the Valdivia and Machalilla Periods on the Ecuadoran Coast" (La Pesca durante los Periodos 'Validivia' y 'Machalilla' en la Costa Ecuatoriana)

SERJEANTSON, Dale (University of Southampton, UK) "Fish Consumption in Southern England in the Middle Ages" (El Consumo del Pescado en Inglaterra durante la Edad Media)

STUDER, Jacqueline (Museum d'Histoire Naturelle, Geneva, Switzerland) "Fish in Jordan: Food Source and Model for Mosaics" (El Pescado en Jordania: Fuente Alimenticia y Modelo para los Mosaicos)

VAN NEER, Wim (Royal Museum of Central Africa, Tervuren, Flanders) "Prehistoric Fishing along the Egyptian and Sudanese Nile" (La Pesca Prehistorica Niliaca en Egipto y Sudan)

"An Overview of Archaeoichthyology at Turkish and Syrian Sites" (Sintesis de Arqueoictiologia en Sitios Turcos y Sirios)

VOORHIES, Barbara (University of Colorado) and Conrado TAPIA (STRI, Panama) "Preceramic Fishing in the Estuaries of Chiapas [Mexico]" (La Pesca en los Estuarios de Chiapas [Mexico] durante el Preceramico)

ZOHAR, Irit (University of Tel-Aviv, Israel) "Prehistoric Fishing in Israel" (La Pesca Prehistorica en Israel)

Contact Richard Cookefor further details

Conference in New York USA

              ICAZ (International Council for Archaeozoology)
                   FISH REMAINS WORKING GROUP 10th Meeting
                        New York, September 1999
TITLE: Approaching a new millenium: 
       Fisheries research at present, questions for the Future

The 10th meeting of the ICAZ Fish Remains Working Group will be held in 
New York, in September 1999 (Exact dates will be sent at a future 
circular).  You are all welcome to participate.  Please mail in your 
preliminary titles for papers/posters or workshop subjects by October 30, 
1997.  It would also be helpful if you can indicate whether you 
anticipate needing financial support or will have funding from you home 

At the New York meeting a special emphasis will be given to co-operative 
work, regional issues, methodology and the formation of workshops for a 
more hands-on approach to difficult conceptual and practical issues.  
Interested graduate students are also encouraged to attend.

We are also putting together a FIRST EDITION of the FISH REMAINS WORKING 
GROUP COOK BOOK!!!!  If you are interested you may submit your favourite 
recipe (with a special note on butchery).

Your reply by October 30, 1997 will be greatly appreciated and will be 
extremely helpful in the search for funding.  If you cannot make it by 
October however, do not be discouraged just write to me with your idea 
and recipe and we can discuss further details. 

It would be great if you could post, circulate or mail this notice to 
interested colleagues, or send their addresses to me so I can do so.

Thank you in advance for your help, support and participation.  I am 
looking forward to welcoming all of you to New York.

Sophia Perdikaris

Hunter College, CUNY
Dept. of Anthropology, NABO
695 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10021

Tel. +212-772-5410 (Leave message)
     +212-772-5655 (lab)
Fax. +212-772-5423
E-mail:   OR

Contact Sophia Perdikarisfor further details

New York Proposed Timetable September 1999

To: Presenters, participants and all interested parties!
CC: ICAZ Participants
From: Edith Coleman & Dr. Sophia Perdikaris
Date: 09/03/99
Re: Transportation, Events, Schedule and list of participants

This memo is to let you know how to get from the airports to 
Manhattan and ultimately to your hotels. It also outlines 
transportation from the hotels to the conference site 
(Hunter College, located at 68th Street and Lexington Avenue 
Room 217HW). When you arrive for the conference, enter 
Hunter College from the main lobby of the "West Building" 
(it is the one on the south west corner of 68th St. & 
Lexington Avenue with a large black modern sculpture in 
front). You will see signs posted in the lobby directing you 
to the appropriate room. Registration will be held just 
outside the conference room and immediately before 
presentations begin. 

Getting to your hotel from the Airport

From/To JFK or LaGuardia:

Taxi: Approximately $35.00 plus tip (15%) and tolls to any 
destination in Manhattan, depending upon route taken. Taxis 
leave from official taxi stands outside of the terminals. 
Get price quote from the dispatcher before getting in the 
cab. Bus: Carey Bus Lines $13.00 per person. Leaving the 
airport every half-hour between 5:00am and 11:00am, after 
11:00am buses rum every 15 to 20 minutes. Buses drop off 
passengers across the street from Grand Central Station on 
42nd street and Park Avenue.

From/To Newark Airport:

Taxi: Approximately $50.00 plus tip (15%) and toll to any 
destination in Manhattan. Again, catch taxi from official 
stand outside terminal. Get a fare quote before getting into 

Bus: Olympia Trails Airport Bus $10.00 per person. Buses run 
every Half-hour between 5:00am and 7:00am, 7:01am to 11:00pm 
buses run every 15 to 20 minutes. Buses drop off passengers 
at Pennsylvania Station (Penn Station) or at 120 East 41st 
Street between Lexington and Park Avenues (one block from 
Grand Central Station).

The Murray Hill Inn:
143 East 30th Street (Between Lexington and Third Avenues)

We recommend taking either Airport bus to the Grand Central 
Station drop off. Then, either take a taxi to the hotel 
directly from there (Approximately $5.00) or walk one block 
east and take the Lexington Avenue bus M101, M102, or M103 
($1.50 exact change required) to 30th Street. You may also 
take the #6 local downtown subway line from Grand Central 
Station one stop to the 33rd Street stop which exits onto 
33rd Street and Park Avenue ($1.50 token or metrocard 
required, you don't need exact change, there is a token 
booth in the station). If your luggage is light you can also 
walk down to 30th street and make a left on 30th till you 
see the Inn. This is approximately a 10-15 minute walk.

The Amsterdam Inn:
340 Amsterdam Ave (at West 76th Street)

If you are coming from Newark Airport on the Olympia Trails 
line you may take it to the Penn Station drop off . The 
Carey bus line from JFK and LaGuardia terminates at Grand 
Central but does provide a shuttle bus to Penn Station. From 
Penn Station catch the #1 local, #2 or #3 Express subway 
line uptown to the 72nd Street stop and walk one block east 
and 4 blocks north. You may also take the M10 Bus uptown 
from the 8th Avenue exit from Penn Station, take it up 
Central Park West to 76th Street and walk 2 blocks west. The 
easiest is to take a taxi from Penn Station (approx. 

To/From Hunter College:

From the Murray Hill Inn: Take the Third Avenue Bus M101, 
M102, or M103 uptown to 67th /68th Street and walk 1 block 
west or take the #6 subway line from 33rd Street and Park 
Avenue uptown to the 68th Street Hunter College stop. It 
exits directly into the West Building at Hunter College. If 
this entrance is open, take the escalator one flight up and 
you will see signs posted in the lobby.

From the Amsterdam Inn: Take the Crosstown Bus M72 on West 
72nd Street through the park to East 72nd Street and 
Lexington Avenue. Walk 4 blocks south on Lexington Avenue to 
68th Street.


At registration there will be sign-up lists for suggested 
evening activities. If you have any special requests please 
let us know and we will try to help you out as best we can.

Friday, September 24, 1999

Opening Night "Ice-Breaker": Cruise around lower Manhattan 
departing from Pier 16 of the South Street Seaport at 6:30 
pm. You will receive your complementary drink ticket at 
registration. Cash Bar and D.J. on board.

Wednesday, September 29, 1999

South Street Seaport / Fulton Street Fish Market: EARLY 
morning (approx. 5:00 am) visit to the seaport and fish 
market. Depending on interest and time we may also visit the 
Chinatown Fish Market. Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island 
Tour: 11:00 am departure from Battery Park $7.00 ticket 
includes round-trip ferry to both islands and admission to 
both the Statue of Liberty and the Ellis Island Immigration 
Museum. Cafeteria facilities available. Please make 
reservations at registration for this tour. 

Thursday, September 30 to October 2, 1999

Trip to Norwalk Connecticut and Cape Cod Massachusetts 
($50.00 fee plus $65.00 per night/per person for two nights) 
Thursday depart NYC 7:00 am Visit to the Norwalk Aquarium: 
Includes Aquarium entrance IMAX movie Guided Tour Coastal 
exploration Lunch may be purchased at the Aquarium 
Cafeteria. Depart for Cape Cod. Check in at Holiday Inn in 
Provincetown, MA. Dinner at Portuguese/ New England seafood 
restaurant -- informal talk by Jerry Sawyer on the Whales of 
the Gulf of Maine. Friday: Whale Watching in the Gulf of 
Maine Lunch and Sight Seeing in Provincetown. Afternoon 
visit to the salt marshes. Saturday: 7:00 am departure to 
NYC (expected arrival 1:00 pm). PLEASE CONFIRM YOUR 


SCHEDULE OF PRESENTATIONS: This is a preliminary schedule 
and subject to change!!! If your name does not appear and it 
should (or if it does and it shouldn't) please contact 
Sophia Perdikaris immediately ( so we can 
straighten out the details. A firm schedule of papers will 
be in your hands at the time of registration. 

September 24, 1999 - Friday Session

08:00 - 10:00 Registration & Coffee
10:00 Sophia Perdikaris - Welcome and Logistics
10:10 Opening Remarks
10:30 John Oates - Chair of the Hunter College Department 
      of Anthropology
10:45 Distinguished Guest
11:00 Thomas McGovern
11:45 Lunch
13:45 Hans-Peter Uerpmann - ICAZ History
14:15 Arturo Morales - ICAZ Future Goals

EVENT: Dance and Cocktail Reception on board Seaport Liberty 
Cruise Line Departing from Pier 16 of the South Street 
seaport at 6:30pm


September 25, 1999 - Saturday Session

08:30 Continental Breakfast

Session Chair : Gerry Bigelow
09:00 Gerry Bigelow - An integrated Analysis of Maritime 
      Settlement Economy In the Shetland Islands
09:20 Margaret McCarthy - 
09:40 Ruby Ceron Carrasco - The fish remains from 
      Bostadh Beach, Great Bernera, Isle of Lewis, Scotland
10:00 Sophia Perdikaris - Commercial Signatures across
      the North Atlantic: The saga of Gadus morhua
10:20 Discussion
10:40 Coffee Break

Session Chair: Thomas McGovern

11:00 Thomas H. McGovern - The fish remains from the Great
      Hall in Hoffstadir, Iceland
11:20 Inge Bodker Enkoff - Aspects of Fishing in the 
      Baltic and North Sea Region from the 5th century 
      BC to the 16th century AD.
11:40 Claudia Milne - 
12:00 Discussion
12:20 - 2:00 Lunch Break

Session Chair: Richard Hoffman

2:00 Richard Hoffman - Exotic Food: Medieval Europeans 
     eating fish from outside natural local ecosystems
2:20 Brent Handley - 
2:40 Ruth Greenspan
3:00 Virginia Butler
3:20 Discussion
3:40 Coffee Break
4:00 Andrew Jones
4:20 A. Jones - Workshop


September 26, 1999 - Sunday Session

8:30 Continental Breakfast

Session Chair: Wim van Neer

09:00 Wim van Neer
09:20 Irit Zohar
09:40 Foss Leach - technical
10:00 Greg Monks
10:20 Discussion
10:40 Coffee Break

Session Chair: Arturo Morales

11:00 Margarethe Uerpmann
11:20 Bill Belcher: Households and Fish Remains at Balakot
      and Harappa-Comparisons from the Indus Valley Civilization
11:40 Foss Leach
12:00 Discussion
12:20 - 2:00 Lunch Break

Session Chair: Foss Leach

2:00 Omri Lernau
2:20 Judith Powell
2:40 Chris Mosseri - Marlio
3:00 Irit Zohar
3:20 Discussion
3:40 Coffee Break
4:00 Book Room 


September 27, 1999 - Monday Session

08:30 Continental Breakfast

Session Chair: Dirk Heinrich

09:00 Dirk Heinrich
09:20 Alfred Galik
09:40 Heide Huster Plogman and Andre Rehazek
10:00 Kristin Bosma
10:20 Discussion
10:40 Coffee Break

Session Chair: Laszlo Bartociewicz

11:00 Daniel Mackoweiki
11:20 Laszlo Bartociewicz: Bronze Age Fish Remains in 
      the Tisza River Region, Hungary
11:40 Alfred Galik
12:00 Heather Builth
12:20 Discussion
12:40 - 2:00 Lunch Break

Session Chair: Arturo Acero

2:00 Anna Fabiola Guzman
2:20 Phillipe Bearez: Archaic Fishing in Southern Peru Coast
2:40 Arturo Acero: The CGSM (Colombian Caribbean): 
     Fisheries in the Past and Present
3:00 Sandrine Gouard
3:20 Discussion
3:40 Coffee Break
4:00 A. Morales, E. Rosello, V. Vasquez and T. Rosales 
     The Fishes from Mo Che (Peru)
4:20 Poster Session

************************ September 28, 1999 - Tuesday Session

8:30 Continental Breakfast

Session Chair: Clayton Tinsley

09:00 Myriam Sternberg
09:20 Igor Smolyar
09:40 Tim Bromage
10:00 Discussion
10:20 Coffee Break
11:00 Visit of AMICA lab
11:30 - 12:30 Software Presentations
12:30 - 2:00 Lunch 
14:00 Business Meeting and Closing Remarks


Index of Presenters and Sessions Chairs

Acero, A.
Bartosiewicz, L.
Bearez, P.
Beech, M.
Belcher, W.
Bigelow, G.
Bosma, K.
Builth, H.
Butler, V.
Cardell, A.
Ceron-Carrasco, R. rceron@hsy1.
Constantine, B.
Del-Mar Ortega, M.
Enghoff, I. IBEnghoff@ZMUC.KU.DK
Galik, A.
Greenspan, R.
Grouard, Sandrine
Guzman, F.
Handley, B
Heinrich, D.
Hoffmann, R.
Huster-Plogmann, H.
Jones, A.
Leach, F.
Lernau, O.
Makowiecki, D.
Mc Govern, T. nabo@voicenet. com
Milne, C.
Monks, G. monks@cc.UManitoba.CA
Morales-Muniz, A.
Mosseri-Marlio, C.
Powell, J.
Perdikaris, S.
Rehazek, A.
Rosello-Izquierdo, E.
Sawyer, J.
Sternberg, M. n/a
Uerpmann, H.
Uerpmann, M.
van Neer, W.
Zohar, I. 


*Arturo Acero Colombia-U.Nacional de Colombia
*Colin Amundsen USA-CUNY
*Laszlo Bartosiewicz Hungary-Lorand Eotvos U.
*Philippe Bearez Peru-Instituto France de Estudios Andinos
*Mark Beech UK - U of York
*William Belcher USA-IMA Consulting
*Gerald Bigelow USA-U. Of S. Maine
*Kristin Bosma Netherlands- Groningen Institute for Archaeology
*Ruby Ceron Carrasco UK-U.of Edinburgh *Barry Constantine UK -
*Pam Crabtree USA - NYU *Ragnar Edvardsson Iceland - FSI
*Inge Bodker-Enghoff Denmark-Zoologisk Museum
*Alfred Galik Austria - Inst. Of Paleontology
*Ruth Greenspan USA- Zooarchaeology
*Ana Fabiola Guzman Mexico- Escuela Nacional deciencial Biologicas
*Brent M. Handley USA-U of Connecticut
*Richard Hoffman Canada - York U. Toronto
*Heide Huster-Plogmann Switzerland - Research Inst. Of Basel
*Andrew Jones UK - U. of York
*Angelica Lampen Germany- U of Munster
*Foss Leach New Zealand - U of NZ
*Omri Lernau Israel
*Marlene Linville USA - CUNY
*Alison Locker BWI-U. Of Southampton
*Daniel Makowiecki Poland/Germany-Deutsches Arch. Inst.
*Thomas McGovern USA - CUNY
*Sandra Meadows USA - CUNY
*Claudia Milne USA - IMA Associates
*Greg Monk USA
*Chris Mosseri-Marlio UK - Inst. Of Arch.,London
*Arturo Morales Spain - U. Autonoma de Madrid
*Maria Del Mar Ortega Spain - Laboratorie de Anatomia Animal
*Gernan Peqa Colombia
*Sophia Perdikaris USA-CUNY
*Anne Pike Tay USA- Vassar
*Judith Powell Australia-Queensland Dept. Of Environment
*Andre Rehazek Switzerland - Research Inst. Of Basel
*Jeanie Romeo USA - USA
*Teresa Rosales Peru - U. Nacional de Trujillo
*Jerry Sawyer USA - CUNY
*Grouard Sandrine France - Museum of Nat. History
*Igor Smolyar Russia - NOAA
*Clayton Tinsley USA - CUNY
*Margarethe Uerpmann Germany - Archaeobiologie
*Hans Peter Uerpmann Germany - Archaeobiologie
*Wim van Neer Belgium - Royal Museum of C.Africa
*Victor Vasquez Peru - U. Nacional de Trujillo
*Jim Woollett Canada - CUNY
*Irit Zohar Israel - Tel Aviv U.

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