Information for New Members of ICAZ Fish Remains Working Group

                ICAZ Fish Remains Working Group
           E-Mail Network File Store, and Home page

                        Foss Leach

1: Email Network = ICAZ_Fish-Net

If you wish to make a general inquiry about some problem or 
aspect of your research which you think another member may be 
able to help with, then write a short note and send it by e-mail 
to Fish-Net. Your note will be relayed to all other members in 
the database. 

If you want to reply to a message which has been sent out through 
Fish-Net, send it directly to the person making the original 
enquiry, NOT BACK TO Fish-Net. This procedure keeps junk mail to 
a minimum. 

Fish-Net is not a list server, but functions as a mail re-
distribution service. Mail sent to Fish-Net does not 
automatically get sent out to all members. It is vetted by 
whomever is the current Manager, to make sure it is suitable for 
distribution, and then sent out.

The address for Fish-Net is Material suitable 
for Fish-Net would be any item of news which you think members of 
the Fish Remains Working Group might be interested in (such as 
upcoming workshops, conferences etc), or research inquiries by 

2: Filestore 

This is a place where you can leave material which you think 
other Members of the Fish Remains Working Group may be interested 
in. This can be major pieces of software, databases, compilations 
such as bibliographies, regional reports on fish remains, copies 
of manuscripts etc. To contribute something to the Filestore, 
please contact Foss Leach, and arrange this individually.
To download something from the Filestore, point your web browser at

and examine the file 00INDEX.TXT, which contains a brief description 
of the files present. You can then download any files of interest
using your web browser. 

3: Home Page

You will find further information about the ICAZ Fish Remains 
Working Group using your web browser on the address:

There are several sections under this page including the 
the following information:

     a: Full list of current members of the Group, together with 
        their mailing address, institutional affiliations, phone 
        and Fax numbers etc.

     b: An internal mailer which allows you to send mail to any 
        member whose e-mail address is known. 

     c: Links to member's home pages where known.

     d: list of recent publications of members of the group

     e: information about our regular conference

     f: cross link to the filestore and other home pages of interest

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