About Ngakuta Bay Radio FM 88.1

Radio Regulations

This station is part of the New Zealand Low Power FM (LPFM) Radio Station Network, details of which can be found on the web site: LPFM Radios. These stations are governed by regulations from Radio Spectrum Management in the Ministry of Economic Development. The present frequency allocation for LPFM is 87.6 to 88.3 MHz and 106.7 to 107.7 MHz, with a maximum radiated power of 1 watt.

Ngakuta Bay Radio

This FM radio station is specifically designed to service the community at Ngakuta Bay, providing information of local interest and easy listening music from a bygone era. The first broadcast was on 6 February 2011. The station will be on air most Sundays from 9-10 am.

The station is run by Foss Leach who welcomes suggestions for local content and choices of music. Please feel free to contact him with any ideas.


It has been suggested that we might make available some podcasts for those who may not be able to listen to broadcasts on a particular Sunday. If you want to listen on line or download a podcast please Click Here.

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