Foss Leach ZL2JKP and Janet Davidson ZL2LMH

Foss Leach: ZL2JKP, ZM2236
Although I have been interested in amateur radio since childhood, getting a licence had to wait until I retired and had spare time to study electronics and complete the examination for theory and CW. I received my full licence ZL2JKP 28 August 2003, and my DXCC 21 July 2010. The letters JKP are the initials of my three daughters, Janey, Katie, and Penny. I am a member of NZART, ARRL, and AMSAT. I have also been active with several aspects of maritime radio, beginning with the purchase of our 38 ft launch MV Kaselehlia 27 December 1991. I received my marine radio licence ZM2236 soon after. We finally and very reluctantly sold Kaselehlia September 2008, but I have continued with other aspects of maritime radio. For example, I run a dedicated AIS receiver (Automatic Identification System) which collects data from transponders on marine vessels in the Cook Strait region of New Zealand and then sends to an international server. My AIS Station ID = 446. I also run a project collecting thermal data from various depths in the marine environment at Ngakuta Bay. This is transmitted at sea and received in the radio shack and processed as part of a research project relating to fish stocks. Further details of this research can be found here. My link to QRZ is here.

Janet Davidson: ZL2LMH, ZMW2857
I am best described as an Adjunct Ham Radio Operator in the sense that I obtained my licence in order to give companionable help to Foss, and also help out with communications for our local Marlborough Amateur Radio Club, Branch 22 of NZART. Studying for the examination was quite a struggle, considering that I have no background in physics, very little mathemetics, and even less in electronics. I know how to turn a television on and off and have learned how to use a simple cellphone. The fact that I achieved 98.3% in the theory exam was entirely due to a great deal of very hard work. Fortunately, NZART had withdrawn the CW requirement for a full licence by the time I became involved, although I think I would have handled learning Morse a great deal more easily than electronics. I obtained my licence 3 May 2011. The three letters LMH refer to Lady Margaret Hall, my college at Oxford University where I was a Rhodes Fellow 1974-76. Along with Foss, I received my Marine Licence in 1992 for use on our launch MV Kaselehlia. My link to QRZ is here.

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